School Hours

School times are as follows: Monday to Friday


8.40am Classrooms Open  – Students arrive at school and ready for the day
8.55am Period 1 – Siren sounds for the start of the day
9.30am Period 2
10.10am Period 3

10.50am Recess – Siren sounds (20 min recess time)

11.10am Period 4 – Siren sounds and children return to class
11.50am Period 5

12.30pm Lunch – Siren sounds (40 min lunch time)

1.10pm Period 6
1.50pm Period 7 – Siren sounds and children return to class 
2.30 pm Period 8 – Wednesday 2.45pm

3.10pm School Concludes – Wednesdays 2.45pm – School Concludes