Our Staff

Principal John O’Neill, Associate Principal’s Mark Leaning and Sunny Kendrick, lead the administration team, teaching and support staff.  Many of our teaching staff hold Senior Teacher accreditation and a number are recognised Level 3 Teachers.

A high retention rate of staff each year ensures a stable learning environment, supplemented each year with a small intake of new staff with fresh ideas. With regular, scheduled collaboration time, new ideas are shared, thus reinvigorating and balancing our educational programs. Classroom teaching staff work alongside our specialist teachers in the areas of Music, Visual Art, Physical Education, Drama and Languages (French).

Staff actively work to keep abreast of contemporary teaching trends and educational development through Professional Learning and personal research. The melding of traditional values and innovation continues to lead to excellent results for our students.

Support staff including Education Assistants, Administrative staff, Library Officer, Cleaning staff and Gardener, work tirelessly behind the scenes to support and enhance the delivery of quality learning programs across the school.  They each hold significant roles in supporting each student to reach their potential.


Principal – John O’Neill John.ONeill@education.wa.edu.au

Associate Principal – Mark Leaning Mark.Leaning@education.wa.edu.au

Associate Principal – Sunny Kendrick Sunny.Kendrick@education.wa.edu.au

Manager Corporate Services – Candi Nelson Candi.nelson@education.wa.edu.au 

School Officer – Lydia Butler Lydia.Butler@education.wa.edu.au

Library Officer – Elissa Baker (Mon – Wed) Elissa.Baker@education.wa.edu.au 

School Officer – Deborah Smith (Mon – Library) Deborah.Smith5@education.wa.edu.au

Teaching Staff


K1 & K2   Elycia Thomson elycia.thomson@education.wa.edu.au

                 Julie Ryan Julie.Ryan3@education.wa.edu.au 

K3  Jane Roose Jane.Roose@education.wa.edu.au



PP1 – Nellie d’Avray nellie.martin@education.wa.edu.au

          Mary Strohfeld Mary.Strohfeld@education.wa.edu.au

PP2 – Danee Power Danee.Power@education.wa.edu.au

          Emma Christie Emma.Christie@education.wa.edu.au 

PP3 – Anna Burke Anna.Burke@education.wa.edu.au

          Tanneal Burch Tanneal.Burch@education.wa.edu.au




A1 Year 1 – Gabrielle Perkov Gabrielle.Perkov@education.wa.edu.au

A4 Year 1 – Shelley Antoni shelley.antoni@education.wa.edu.au 

A5 Year 1 – Sharon Gilbey Sharon.Gilbey@education.wa.edu.au

A6 Year 1 – Karen McIntyre Karen.Mcintyre@education.wa.edu.au

A2 Year 2 – Christine Lane Christine.Lane@education.wa.edu.au

                  Cindy Baker cindy.allen@education.wa.edu.au

A3 Year 2 – Vanessa O’Neil Vanessa.Oneil@education.wa.edu.au

C1 Year 2 – Sandra Smith sandra.smith2@education.wa.edu.au

                  Cindy Baker cindy.allen@education.wa.edu.au

C2 Year 3 – Sarah Fulford Sarah.Fulford@education.wa.edu.au

C3 Year 3 – Renae Livingstone renae.livingstone@education.wa.edu.au

                  Katy Chapman katy.chapman@education.wa.edu.au

C4 Year 3 – Hilary Bootsma Hilary.bootsma@education.wa.edu.au

C5 Year 4 – Bradley Rhine Bradley.Rhine@education.wa.edu.au

C6 Year 4 – Shannen Watts Shannen.watts@education.wa.edu.au

B2 Year 4/5 – Amy Williamson Amy.read@education.wa.edu.au

B1 Year 5 – Sarah Khandan sarah.khandan@education.wa.edu.au

B3 Year 5/6 – Adrienne Rintoul Adrienne.Zaccaria@education.wa.edu.au

B5 Year 6 – Sunny Kendrick Sunny.Kendrick@education.wa.edu.au

                  Merrinda Kuenen merrinda.Kuenen@education.wa.edu.au

B6 Year 6 – Simon Haworth Simon.Haworth@education.wa.edu.au


Specialist Teachers

Drama – Joel Warner joel.warner@education.wa.edu.au

Visual Arts – Natalie Carter Natalie.hatch@education.wa.edu.au

                     Vicki Secrett vicki.secrett@education.wa.edu.au

Music Education – Anna Agnello Anna-Maria.Agnello@education.wa.edu.au

Physical Education – Joel Warner Joel.warner@education.wa.edu.au

Physical Education – Greg Perry Greg.Perry@education.wa.edu.au

Languages (French) – Sophie Thorn Sophie.Thorn@education.wa.edu.au


Education Assistants

Fiona Backx Fiona.Backx@education.wa.edu.au

Lisa Becker Lisa.Becker@education.wa.edu.au

Elizabeth Bromley elizabeth.bromley@education.wa.edu.au

Mia Campbell Mia.campbell@education.wa.edu.au

Jane Edward Jane.Edward@education.wa.edu.au 

Michelle Ferster Michelle.Ferster@education.wa.edu.au 

Elodie Gallaher Elodie.Gouthey@education.wa.edu.au 

Karalyn Gilchrist Karalyn.GIilchrist@education.wa.edu.au

Tracey Greenwell Tracey.Greenwell@education.wa.edu.au 

Louise James Louise.James2@education.wa.edu.au 

Jess Linfoot jessica.cook@education.wa.edu.au

Julie Maltman Julie.Maltman@education.wa.edu.au 

Katie Matthew Katie.Matthew@education.wa.edu.au 

Donna Odom-Moss Donna.Odom-moss@education.wa.edu.au 

Trishee Ramloll trishee.ramloll@education.wa.edu.au

Deborah Smith Deborah.Smith5@education.wa.edu.au 

Kaila Trapp Kaila.trapp@education.wa.edu.au

Sandi Tunbridge Sandi.Tunbridge@education.wa.edu.au 

Michelle Whitehead Michelle.Whitehead@education.wa.edu.au

Cleaning Staff

Sue Lacey Suzanne.Lacey@education.wa.edu.au 

Colin Nicoll Colin.Nicoll@education.wa.edu.au 

Tracey Troode Tracey.Troode@education.wa.edu.au 


Steve Huckett Steven.Huckett@education.wa.edu.au