School Board

As an Independent Public School, Davallia Primary School operates under a School Board. Members are elected for a minimum of 2 years and maximum of 3 years.  The School Board comprises membership from staff, parents and the wider community. The School Board operates separately to the P&C which inherently has representation within the Board itself.

The role of the School’s Board is to oversee the long term future of the school and provide expertise to assist the school achieve the best education for every child. The Board does not have a role in the day-to-day management of the school. This is the responsibility of the Principal and involves educational leadership, effective day-to-day administration, supervision, control of the school and its staff.

The School Board meets regularly each term. 

Board Membership

Mr Adrian Fuller – Board Chairperson Elect

Mrs Lucy Caiacob – Parent

Mr Dan Davis – Parent

Mrs Robyn Horsman – Parent

Mrs Denise Lynch – Staff

Mrs Sunny Kendrick – Staff 

Mr Mark Leaning – Associate Principal

Dr Mandie Shean – Community Member

Mr John O’Neill – Principal (Executive Officer)

Mrs Geraldine Vaughan, Manager Corporate Services, is regularly co-opted to the Board to provide Financial Management reporting and advice.