The Arts

Music Education

Davallia Primary School provides every student (Years 1 – 6) opportunity to engage in a specialist Music Program.

Miss Agnello, Music Specialist, also conducts and coordinates our School Choir. The school also offers students opportunity to become involved in a String Ensemble.  The Choir and String Ensemble have performed at a variety of school and wider community events including the Government School’s Music Concert and One Big Voice Extravaganza.

Visual Arts

Davallia Primary School is proud to have a dedicated Visual Arts room which is a hive of creativity and colour!

Here, students are exposed to visual arts to assist them to attend to and explore the world around them with as much independence as possible. They experience visual representations of their ideas, experiences, observations and imagination.

They enhance their perception skills by learning to notice visual detail of familiar and new objects and events in their lives. They also explore how artworks are created.

As they make and respond to visual artworks, students are exposed to forms and styles through social and cultural contexts. They provide opinions about artworks by reacting and expressing what they like through gestures, facial expression and sounds. They are exposed to the role of artist and audience.