Our values are part of the fabric of Davallia Primary School and as such, are embedded in school culture, expectation and behaviour.  They are not a statement of rhetoric, but meaningful values which can be seen in operation on each and every day of the school year.  It should be noted Davallia Primary School has chosen not to implement a structured whole of school Values ‘program’.  Davallia Primary School was commended for this decision during the 2014 Department of Education Services external review. 

So what do our school values look like in action?

Innovation – To show innovation we…

Respect – To show respect we…


are creative 

try something different

take risks

learn from our mistakes

consider others

really listen

are well mannered

follow rules

forgive mistakes

value uniqueness

Perseverance – To show perseverance we…

Responsibility – To show responsibility we…

look for solutions

do our best

work hard

celebrate effort

own our behaviour

think before we act

commit and follow through

lead by example