Physical Education

At Davallia Primary School, the overarching goal of the Physical Education program is to engage students and allow them to achieve success and enjoyment, in order to promote a healthy active lifestyle.

In the early years of schooling, emphasis is placed on the development of fundamental movement skills whilst in the upper years the focus shifts to the application of movement and strategy within game situations.

The Jump Jam aerobic program is designed to challenge fundamental movement skills, increase fitness, develop student leadership & motivate students to move and enjoy exercise.  It is led by the Year 6 Jump Jam Leadership Team and is thoroughly enjoyed by the entire school.

Additional to this, students enjoy the opportunity to be involved in activities such as Athletics Carnivals, Interschool Sport, Cross Country Running, Lapathon, Diving, elite sporting clinics, specialist gymnastic instruction and school camping experiences.

Students participate in a carefully constructed Physical Education program planned to deliver the best opportunities for students to participate in a wide range of activities.  The program is run by Mr Warner (Physical Education Specialist).